Debt Collections

Debt Collections

Entrepreneurs and business managers know cash flow is the lifeblood of the company. MGHLAW focuses on the representation of clients with debts arising from a multitude of commercial settings. Whether the client is a large, complex business organization involved in a business-to-business dispute or a small company seeking payment for services rendered, our approach remains the same. Our goal is to recover debts owed to our clients in the most cost effective way.

When invoices go unpaid and account receivables age, it is essential to employ strategic and proven methods to contact a delinquent customer and secure payment. As with all of its engagements, MGHLAW partners with its clients to formulate and implement the appropriate strategy to not only obtain a judgment in the client’s favor but to turn that judgment into actual dollars.

After all, we realize that obtaining a judgment is a critical step in the collections process but the ability to effectively collect the judgment debt is every bit as critical. MGHLAW has substantial experience advising and prosecuting litigation geared towards the one goal that is most important and crucial to the client – collection of the balance due. MGHLAW will use all the tools at its disposal to not only obtain a judgment in favor of the client but also to seek collection of the sums found due.

We have extensive experience:

  • Locating delinquent customers who have changed addresses
  • Drafting delinquent account demand letters
  • Collateral repossessions

  • Filing collection suits
  • Obtaining and recording judgments
  • Asset seizure through writs of attachment and execution
  • Bank levies and wage garnishments

We work with clients of all sizes in collections and accounts receivable management. We accept delinquent accounts of all sizes and tailor a collection strategy to meet your specific needs. Whether it is an application for prejudgment remedy to attach assets prior to institution of litigation or the use of executions, the examination of judgment debtor procedure and/or judgment liens after entry of judgment, MGHLAW will undertake all actions required to advance the client’s interest and benefit in pursuit of collection actions.

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